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Rivera Maya

The Rivera Maya stretches from the town of Puerto Morelos in the north to the town of Punta Allen south. In total length is 130km.

As a tourist destination was created in 1999 with the encouragement of public authorities, under the command of the mayor Miguel Ramon Martin Azueta.






Puerto Morelos

It is the northernmost town in the Rivera Maya, is a fishing village located 16km south of Cancun International Airport and 32km south of Cancun.

There is a wide range of hotels and restaurants with affordable prices and low density. For the low surf, the location is ideal for snorkeling, windsurf and diving practice.








Playa del Carmen

It is the largest city and cosmopolitan Rivera Maya offers tourists a wide variety of lodging options and fun as, stores, restaurants, clubs, international food along the fifth avenue, hotel zone is where the upscale hotels, commercial and residential areas, as well as golf courses.









Located just 5 minutes from Playa del Carmen. It was opened in 1990 and today is one of the most visited parks of Mexico.

You can perform various water sports such as snorkeling, and swimming with dolphins. Xcaret has beaches, bays, rivers, coral reef aquariums, turtle, butterfly garden and a greenhouse of orchids.










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