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Location: It is located forty kilometers from the city of Merida.

Access cost: $31.00

Travelers approximated time: 1hr







The city of Mayapan was built in the likeness of Chichen Itza.

The architectural style incorporated elements typical central Mexico with Mayan typical features, but with the fall of Chichen Itza they develop an oriental style of old forms.

You can admire bases, the observatory and other buildings.






Site Importance:

Mayapan Hosted Mayapan league, a confederation bringing toguether the chiefs of Uxmal and Chichen Itza.

The contest for control ended with the defeat of the Itzaes ruling Chinchen, Peten who fled and founded the city of Tayasal.

The power was extended that time by the Cocomes of Mayapan, although strong opposition from the Mayan inhabitants of the peninsula. 










Group was founded by Cocom. The population reach its height in a population of twelve thousand inhabitants.


The castle is dedicated to Kukulcan, pyramid base nine bodies measuring fifteen meters. 

The lower part of one of this paintings preserved temples with oriental colors. 








The territory also houses a Cenote called Chen Mul, locaded between the temple of the Cenote and the room of the masks, both located at the end of the complex behind the castle of Kukulcan.









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Location: Route called Puuc about 62km from the south of Merida.

Access Cost: $69.00

Travelers Approximated time: 2 hr

Description: The Puuc style on the buildings, walls and frieze ornate 









Make the architecture predominant the style Puuc in the zone, also there are traces of other styles in witch are in the same place.

The chenes style is well represented in the feather snake in witch is also has tolteca, olmeca, and teotihuacanos style that represent the god Chaac. 









The constructions are characterized by its volume of importance. Example the pyramid "del Adivino" with five levels, The palace of the governor it occupies 1.200m2.

Importance: This city is know for the most impressive samples of the Mayan architecture. 







History: The name seems to come from Oxmal it means "tres veces edificada"(three times built). Other possibility is Uchmal it means "lo que esta por venir, lo futuro" (what comes in the future) in witch relation to the name "ciudad invisible" (invisible city) built at night by the magic of king enano (dwarf).

Uxmal was founded in the VII century during the first classical period.

Travel: You can observed, bases, pyramids, the ball game and other colossal sights. 







The sorcerer Pyramid:

also known as the dwarf. This names were given according to a legend saying, the sorcerer son was a dwarf and he wanted to become the governor of the city.

He bet to the leader that in one night he could make a pyramid.

The dwarf made it in one night and he became the governor of the city know three times built city of Uxmal. 








This construction has a height of 35m and 53,5m width is the biggest in this site.

Five different coast structures and from different times, each one has its own temple. 








The ball game: 

This courts are not found very often around the Puuc zone, in Uxmal you only find one in witch is very impaired.

The ball game had a religious connotation and relationship with the stars. Concerning stories to this game you can also find in the Popol Vuh. 








Governors palace:

 together with the sorcerer pyramid are know for the most summit architecture structures of old Mexico.

Is about 100m height is compose by three independents buildings which is rectangular that have fourteen accessible cameras in the center.

On both sides are structures that come together by gallery vaults connecting the center.  









On top is decorated with marks of the Chaac, huts with roofs make out of straw, feather thrones and headgear.

By the central door you can observed a figure that represents a governor with a plume on its head and two headed snake. 








House of the turtles:

The building has a ornamentation ornamentation of turtles, it's width is 10m by 30m long, there is three rooms on the center and two rooms each side of the construction. 










Platform of the Jaguars:

There is four sets to the platform.

On top you can see the sculpture of two jaguars united by there chest.

At the foot of the base were is the representation of the jaguar, stars the road to Kabah. 






La Gran Pyramid:

This is the remains of a pyramid similar in size to he seer.

It consists of nine bases staggered by which you get to a platform giving access to the building, in the center there is a great mask of Chaac.

The ornamentation consists of a ledge with three mask of Chaac, and decorated with macaws, hail associated with the sun. 








The house of doves and Southern Temple:

It is located behind the grant pyramid and it has two parts, The northern zone consist of two rows of rooms, with courtyard access and other on the other side and the best preserved southern side. In one corner is a small pyramid topped with a temple. 









Chimez Structure:

It has unique features.

Had two levels, from the second level there are some remains in the north, the decoration of the facade is based on geometric shapes and its very deteriorated. 









The Arc:

Only the base remains.

For the resignations of the same, it is estimated that the height of the building was about 6m, and 3m width. 









Pyramid of the old:

Its located near the southwest corner of Government House.

Although it is very poor condition, still see the remains of the temple which was at the top. 








Quadrangle of the Cemetery:

The ornamentation on the basis of skulls and bones had received the name of cemetery.

This consists of four buildings that enclose a patio.

The building's north side is a pyramid that still has remnants of a temple at the top.

The building was restored on the west side. 








Structure of the Phallus:

Near the old pyramid on the southwest side, it is very run this set, that has a facade with a cordice smooth and phallus shaped structures that had to have the function of draining water. 









Group the Colum's:

These are two small temples, had columns based ornamentation.

It is located northeast of the quadrangle of the cemetery. They are in very poor condition.









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Location: Located in Dzemul about 40km from Merida.

Access Cost: $31.00

Travelers Approximated time: 1 hr

Description: Platforms and Temples.








Site Importance: This site was important for the commercial and salter from its time during the early times.

History: Its name comes from "la Doncella" or "El Lugar de la luna Menguante" 








The diminishing moon. Bereaved by the fall of Izamal, in the late(600-900 d.c), Xcambo could maintain the port independent commercial, because of its salt work and maritime resources.

The peak of other cities like La Ryta Puuc, Ek Balam, Dzibilchaltun and Chichen Itza, during the post classic, causes the opening of other ports to commercial in Isla Cerritos that with in time it became isolated.








Travel: You can observed various structures and bases.


Temple de la Cruz: is staggered with a cruz on top.







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Location: located in the municipality of Yaxacaba, southest of Chichen Itza.

Access cost: $20.00

Travelers approximated time: 1 hr

Description: Big buildings, old game and architectural.







Site Importance: This site is the extreme road or "Sacbe" (white road) longest roads in the Mayan Coba. Surprising distance of 100km, The "Sacbe" are considered a busy via for protection.

History: This city was busy by the continuous period of post classic.









Travel: You can observed buildings and famous Sacbe. North Acropolis  , form by the pyramids platform structure. 











Casa del Conejo de Guerra (Popol Nah) were the ritual terminations during the conquista.










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